Friday, 19 July 2013

Half Life 1 Highly Compressed Game Free Download For PC

The game is a FPS, so, you have to shoot every enemy that you're meeting. But you have also to duck or to take cover. Players will lead Gordon through Black Mesa and also drive a little train. Gordon will also have the opportunity to ask to guards or scientists to follow him or to stay where they are, it can be vital for advancing in the game.

Half-Life combines great storytelling in the tradition of Stephen King with intense action and advanced technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players need to think smart to survive. Half-Life has won more than 50 Game of the Year awards from publications around the world, and was named 'Best PC Game Ever' in PC Gamer (November 1999).
Throughout the game, both friends and foes behave in sophisticated and unpredictable ways, a result of Half-Life's powerful and innovative artificial intelligence. The intensity of the game also reflects the strong storyline, created by award-winning horror novelist Marc Laidlaw. Of course there's also a variety of exciting multiplayer scenarios, and an easy-to-use interface that will have you connected to the game of your choice in just seconds.


Half-Life™ takes advantage of licensed technology from id Software, but adds a whole new level of proprietary technology. Just a few of our technological advancements include:

Enemy AI

Half-Life™'s monsters are also remarkably--even terrifyingly--intelligent. Our proprietary AI has them running in packs, assessing threats and showing a marked distaste for suicide runs. You'd better think as fast as they do.

Rendering Technologies

So you don't want to have to buy a special hardware accelerator just to get 16-bit color, colored lighting, blurring, translucency or other cool visual effects? Then don't. Half-Life™ has developed all these features in software so now they're an integral part of the gameplay, not just eye-candy. Of course, if you do have Open-GL, Direct 3D or MMX hardware, things will look mind-bogglingly cool.

Skeletal Animation System

Our new animation system lets us create monsters that are more spectacularly menacing than ever before. Half-Life™'s monsters have the highest polygon count, and the most fluid and complex motion ever seen in an action game.


Joining a multiplayer game is now fast and easy, thanks to Half-Life's powerful interface. Find your friends, choose the type of game you prefer and let our master server do the rest. Choose from a variety of multiplayer gameplay scenarios, and use our decal technology to mark your territory with a personal or clan logo.
Other Features
* Hazard Course training area for practicing movements, special maneuvers, and weapons use
* Seamless level transitions
* A variety of real-world, experimental, and alien-world weapons
* 32 player Internet/LAN support
* Worldcraft 2.0 beta level editor included

|System requirements|

Pentium II 266MHz,
graphic card


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