Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tekken Tag Tournament Game Full Version Free Download

Tekken Tag Tournament Game Full Version Free Download.
 Tekken Tag Tournament is the fourth main installment in Namco's popular tekken fighting game for pc series . It ,however is not canonical to the tekken storyline . The game was orignallyavailable as an update kit for tekken 3 . Tekken tag tournament orignally was released as an acrade game in 1999 before it was ported to the playstation 2 in 2000 . The acrade versions operated similarly but tun on a 32 bit graphics engine like tekken 3 . It recieved upgraded graphics when it was ported to the playstation 2 .It along with Tekken 4 and Soculalibur ll , was released in 2008 as a part of NAMCO Classic Fighter Collection . After 10 years a sequel has been anounced named Tekken Tag Tournament 2 
A remastered versions of the game titled tekken tag tournament Hd was released for playstation 3 in November 2011 as a part of the tekken Hybrid disc which also includes the #D movie , Tekken Blood Va
ngeance and a demo versions of tekken tag tournament 2 .
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows xp sp 3 win /win8
Processor: Pentium 4  2.6 GHz or equivalent 
RAM: 1gB Required
Video Card: 256 MB VRAM with Pixel Shader 3.0  +Required
Hard Disk Space: 14GB free space 
DirectX: 9.0c Required


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