Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Super Pang Game Free Download

Super Pang Game Free Download For PC.Super pang or Buster Bros, Capcom, released in 1989, is a co-operative two-player arcade video game. Super pang in the game, the player moves from the level of the level, world.The Buster Brothers, a round trip around the world.The advantage of all of the Earth's major cities and many bhayapedutunnadi to destroy the bubbles that bounce should be completed.Super Pang Kids game full version.Super Pang Very Easy Play and interesting Kids Game Free Download.
How to play super pang pc game:

**1. Click on "adnanbcs.exe"
**2. Press F5 to refresh the game list
**3. Press 5 for coin
**4. Press 1 for player 1 
**action key="ctrl


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